About us

L’avventura logo_home-panorama copia inizia nel mese di Settembre 2007. L’architetto Ludovica Mantovani usa le sue esperienze lavorative e passioni personali per progetti che necessitano di molta cura nel dettaglio.

“My education and working experiences have been very diverse, however I have been concentrating on marketing, communications, media and presentation skills.  My language and design know-how have also proved an invaluable asset in all aspects of my work. After taking the challange to develop and promote an inovative concept like the Business Yachtclub, the first sailing club in Barcelona that offers access to a fleet of high performance sailing boats, I moved back beginning of 2007 to Italy to launch my Service Agency HOME PANORAMA.

In February 2013 I was appointed Director Europe FootballAvenue, 2 major events each year: Business Development Forum at San Siro, and Europe’s largest Primary School Tournament in Liguria.” Ludovica Mantovani